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June 20, 2007

The Mystery of Xof: Solved


Last evening I got to wondering exactly who was concealed behind the Xof scrim, so I woke my crack research team from its collective stupor and asked them to see what they could see.

Then I went to sleep.

    Hey, joe — are your eyes closed?


    'Cause you must be dreaming.


Never mind.

When I awoke this morning there they were, all sprawled out on the floor or slumped over their desks.

But beaming from their computer screens was the smiling visage up top.

Who's this? said I.

Turns out the he's none other than Christophe Michot, "a French photographer now located in San Francisco."


More: "His photography is dedicated to extreme action sports...."

Probably not the guy to call for a photo essay about my crack research team: the only thing extreme about them is how much they're paid in proportion to how little they do.

But I digress.

How did my clever folk figure out Christophe Michot is indeed "Xof?"

Look under "Links" below:


Simply retrace the thread through the labyrinth and voila — DigitalFreak.

Yeah, joe, but how did your team know where to find the thread?

You know very well you're not cleared for that.

But I'll tell you anyway: in the spirit of the great Greg Egan, they invoked Theseus.


If you click on DigitalFreak (not in my illustration, silly billy — here — you'll find yourself at the home of yesterday's "Idiot Winner of the Year — Book of Joe" screed.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Except let's all give a warm bookofjoe welcome to my new San Francisco correspondent, Christophe Michot.

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Internet is such an amazing place...
Congratulations to the crack research team, tho they could have simply run a Google search on "xof711" and they would have found http://www.xof711.com/

Or remove the subdomain "iphone" from "iphone.digitalfreak.net" and found www.digitalfreak.net

Anyhow, my name is in the light and I def. jumped the gun on this one ahah! So, once again, sorry about that Joe and it's my pleasure to serve you as San Francisco correspondent ;-)

Xof aka Christophe Michot

P.S. Hey KJ, check this URL > http://iphone.digitalfreak.net/2007/06/18/iphone-haters/
P.S.S. If you are in the Bay Area, you can also check http://extremebayarea.com/ if you get bored on the weekend!

Posted by: Xof | Jun 20, 2007 12:08:32 PM

Huh - can't find that post on his site any longer. Guess the crack research team cracks more than just research.

Posted by: KJ | Jun 20, 2007 11:35:39 AM

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