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June 4, 2007

Thomas Keeley — Episode 3: The Woosta Interview


Here's a link to the interview, which appears on woosta.

Examples of Keeley's work appear above and below.

From woosta:

    About us

    woosta is an interview driven website that is dedicated to the promotion of artists and their work. As our readership grows, we are expanding our content to include more and more interviews, features and support to artists and the arts.

    Our goal is to inform and inspire by digging down to shed some light on artists in their respected industries. We want to know who they are, how they got there and what really pushes them to thrive in the arts.

    As artist are constantly changing and influencing the landscapes in which we live, we want to continue to enlighten, promote and engage our industry to those that want to know more and love what we do.

    We hope you enjoy the interviews!

    We are dedicated to inspiring those around us and you can be a big part of this whole crazy thing. If you have someone that we need to hear about and you want others to expierence their hip old-school meets new-school style, then drop their info for us and we will definitely check them out.



Episode 1 is here.

Episode 2 is here.

Here's a link to Keeley's website.

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