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June 19, 2007

We get comments: 'You are an idiot'



Probably correct โ€” but whatever happened to "don't shoot the messenger?"

I mean, all I did was innocently repost redferret's thoughts on the upcoming iPhone's touchscreen and all manner of stuff broke out, including a rebuttal on tuaw (theultimateappleweblog), and yesterday afternoon in came the comment above.

Nigel, the grand panjandrum of redferret, was perspicacious enough to email me the following after I let him know his post had been picked up by tuaw:

    "Oy, what *have* you done, Joe? :-)



Even though I did publish Xof's answer, you can still visit him at iphone.digitalfreak.net โ€” just don't tell him joe sent you.

Stop Press

This just in from Xof's website:


Xof has just given me a great idea for a name for my first joe.tv production:

"Idiot Winner of the Year's So-Called 'Show'"

Whad'ya think?

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somebody needs to loosen up the pants and let some blood flow back to the brain.

Posted by: Jane | Jun 20, 2007 11:43:18 AM

Some TUAW readers are... a little overzealous. But don't worry, they don't just save these kinds of comments for non-Apple bloggers. We get 'em all the time too. Hurrah for the internet!

Posted by: Scott McNulty | Jun 20, 2007 9:09:16 AM

It often seems that such rants are motivated by a desire for more hits.

They yell at you in an attempt to get you (and others that read this post) to go to there site.

guess it worked

Posted by: ag | Jun 19, 2007 10:34:38 PM

Too Funny!

An apple fanboy that gets so irate at the headline that he's not capable of reading the story!

I'll be sure to check out his site for thought provoking insights.

Posted by: Ray | Jun 19, 2007 4:43:11 PM

I love that he wrote "blog" like that, in quotes, like your site isn't really a blog, but you're just faking it.

Posted by: Waldo Jaquith | Jun 19, 2007 4:15:02 PM

Don't worry Joe...posted a message over on his site. Your homies are frontin' today.

Posted by: clifyt | Jun 19, 2007 4:12:53 PM

My apologies. The hard part about teh internets is remembering that knuckle draggers have easy access too. To compensate for not having a convenient Hannibal Lecter to sic on loudmouthed savages, I offer you this pair of addresses to check out:




Sorry I'm too lazy to send this as a neat set of links.

Posted by: tatiana | Jun 19, 2007 3:56:30 PM

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