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July 17, 2007

Are Quanta Real? — by J. M. Jauch


Published in 1971, this little book has an adoring forward, written in 1989, by Douglas Hofstadter, who read it while a graduate student in physics at the University of Oregon in 1973.

"It electrified me," wrote Hofstadter.

I found it interesting, but no more so than a number of books dealing with this subject I've read in the past few years.

Still my favorite: "Entanglement," by Amir Aczel.

    From Jauch's book:

    "Ideologies are in a sense also social adaptations, and the better they function the less is required of the individual to differentiate himself from the others in the crowd. The process of individuation begins with the awareness of the 'other,' who usually seems to the beholder much better adapted than himself."

    "A person integrated in a group produces spontaneous insights which would have been inaccessible to him in isolation."

    "A theory which can be adapted to all as yet unknown future facts is no theory at all because it has no predictive power."

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