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July 1, 2007

bookofjoe MoneyMaker™: Cinch Sak Drawstring Access Point Indicator™®


I've previously noted my fondness for Hefty's 30 Gallon Clear Cinch Sak, named just last week the Official Trash Bag of bookofjoe.

Here's a freebie for the Hefty folks, and anyone else who makes bags or devices with similar closures.

Put a small but easily visible contrasting color mark on the drawstring — both sides if it's flat, like Hefty's — right where the guide opens up to let you grab it for closure.

I'm always fumbling around trying to find that access point when it's time to close up shop.

As always, this boj MoneyMaker™ is free — the way it should be.

$7.74 for 28 bags — as yet, without an Access Point Indicator™®.

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