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July 27, 2007

bookofjoe World Exclusive: Flautist's Logo


From out back in her Georgia skunk works comes this singular creation, the product of untold hours, weeks — nay, months — of sweat and toil by Flautist and her crack design team.

Like it?

I know I do.

I've been authorized to act as her exclusive agent should you wish to use her nifty logo in a Super Bowl halftime show or as eye candy at a U2 concert or suchlike — you know how to reach me.

On reflection it becomes clear Roz Chast has been channeling Flautist all these years without even knowing it.

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Ah Ha!! (I WAS right about something, sort of!) Much, much better than book-of-joe humorist. Yay Flautist!!

Posted by: NotCreativeEnough | Jul 27, 2007 7:51:32 PM

w00t, w00t I say!

Although, agent, please tell the teeming hordes clamoring to use my logo that the skunkworks is (are?) in Georgia (precisely, Atlanta), NOT Florida. They'll be sending my checks to the wrong place, and you'd never get your forty-five percent (and all the t-shirts you can wear).

Posted by: Flautist | Jul 27, 2007 10:46:06 AM

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