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July 2, 2007

Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirrers


Endorsed by Flautist so you know they must be good.

From the website:

Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirrers — Ice Axes

"I'll have mine on the rocks!"

We've seen some cool guitars in our time — from Hendrix's Strat and Springsteen's bashed-up Telecaster to Brian May's homemade plank and that squiggle-shaped thing Prince plays — but we've never seen anything as cool as Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirrers.

And that's because they're made of ice.

These icy, guitar-shaped swizzle sticks are perfect for thirsty music-lovers.

Simply pop the plastic neck sections in the mold,


fill with water and put in the freezer.

Before you can say "Stairway to Heaven begins with an arpeggiated chord progression" you'll have a rocktastic cooling system with which to stir your drink.

Well okay, you'll have a dinky little guitar made of shimmering ice. Kerrang!

This nifty kit comes with three plastic stir sticks and a flexible tray containing three guitar molds.

There's an acoustic, a bass and a Les Paul-alike, so you can match your axe to suit your drink: acoustic for soft drinks, bass for something with a bit more oomph and electric for anything liable to induce a headache.


Speaking of headaches, we're not sure why these frozen twangers are called Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirrers.

Jazz makes us think of pretentious twits who spend all night fiddling with their berets and discussing avant-garde improvisation — boring!

We prefer to think of them as rock 'n' roll weapons cast in ice.

Why, you can even pluck them from your drink between sips and play a bit of air guitar — although guitars this small are liable to make you look more like Tiny Tim (ask your grandma) than Slash.


Brilliant for parties, Cool Jazz Ice Cube Stirrers are sure to add a super-sexy twang to your drinks, and they make regular ice cubes look about as exciting as a night out with Yngwie Malmsteen.

Fill the molds with fruit juice or something colorful and guests won't know whether to swish 'em around in their drinks or start headbanging.

For those about to stir, we salute you!

Note: No professional guitar training required before use, but rocking a few licks may cause the ice to stick to your tongue.

• This product has a temperature tolerance of between -58ºF and 446ºF

• Each frozen stirrer measures approximately 2.25"W x 7"H x 0.75"D)

• This product is made of silicone

• This product is safe

Sorry about the slur on jazz aficionados, Flautist — please don't shoot the messenger.

With a temperature tolerance like that you should be pretty much OK short of trip to Mercury or Vostok.

Rachel of East Linton (UK) commented, "These are funky little things, and hey, who says you need to just use water... freeze other drinks and make little ice lollies :D."



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I do indeed heartily endorse!

Actually, I would kind of like being thought of as a pretentious beret-fiddling, improv-discussing twit. I'm too dumb to be pretentious, though.

Posted by: Flautist | Jul 2, 2007 2:18:40 PM

Friggin. Awesome.

Posted by: Jane | Jul 2, 2007 10:02:47 AM

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