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July 30, 2007

Do computers exhibit morphic resonance?


The thought occurred to me just now as I waited for data via the painfully slow (23kbps down/32 up) dial-up Internet connection I've been downgraded to for the past three days as a result of Comcast's "all-or-nothing" high-speed service.

By that I mean when it's on, I get about 14,000 down/750 up ("all") but when it inexplicably stops working — as it does on an almost daily basis for minutes, hours or longer (as is the case currently), with no sign of inclement weather and my cable TV coming into my house just fine via the very same wire that can't seem to simultaneously deliver the Internet — the speed drops to (doh!) 0, i.e., "nothing."

Don't bother with advice/suggestions — I've followed it/them all repeatedly and this is simply the way it is.

But I digress.

Rupert Sheldrake is a generally discredited scientist whose work is termed heretical by those who consider him a revolutionary genius and quackery by those who don't.

Regardless, his theory of morphic resonance, whereby living things something instantly sense fields so far uncharacterized by conventional science, allowing instant communication (i.e., faster than light speed, akin to quantum entanglement but on a classical scale) never seems to completely disappear from view.

It seems to me that when I'm on dial-up, the internal clock speed of my trusty 15" PowerBook G4, the official laptop of bookofjoe, purchased in the spring of 2004 and now in year four of its excellent uninterrupted service, slows in sympathy to what's going on outside it.

By that I mean that labeling an email as junk seems to take about 5 seconds to happen whereas when Comcast is delivering it's instantaneous.

And sending a "print" command is likewise much slower: about three seconds until the little drop-down dealie appears as opposed to instanter when I'm "Comcastic."

Etc., etc.


And that's all I have to say about that.

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