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July 29, 2007

Giant Tweezers — Episode 3: Mine's bigger than yours


It began more than two years ago, this epic saga, with a post that became Episode 1 (once Episode 2 appeared years later – but I digress) on May 15, 2005 featuring 10-inch long tweezers.

A reader suggested a much cheaper — 99 cents v $7.95 — 11-inch long IKEA version called the "Centrisk" just one week later, which was all very well and good except that you could only get them by going to an IKEA store, which for most of you isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

Then I decided to feature the Episode 1 item in Episode 2, a bookofjoe BlastFromThePast™® on March 31, 2007, noting in passing that the price had increased to $8.95.

Guess what?

After years of work out back in the skunk works, they're stretched these tweezers to a full 12 inches (above and below) and rendered them in stainless steel as opposed to who knows what mystery metal the earlier iteration is composed of.

From the website:

    Giant Sauté Tweezers

    This versatile kitchen tool is ideal for cooking stir fry or sauté.

    The long 12" length keeps hands away from the cooking heat.

    Also perfect for retrieving food from tall jars.

    Made from dishwasher safe stainless steel.



Bonus: at $7.99 they're now cheaper than their diminutive cousin.

It's unusual to see this sort of thing — where something gets bigger and better and cheaper at the same time — in the world of atoms: it's almost always a bit-based phenomenon.

Could this be the start of something... big?

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