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July 2, 2007

Jane — Instant Relief


Say what?

From the website:

    Jane — Instant Relief

    Whether in bed, in a car or on a boat, keep Jane or John nearby.

    Sanitary plastic bottle has easy-to-use funnel design and sure-grip handle.

    Rinses clean.



I must say that I find it rather sad that the designers chose not to equip "Jane" with a "Safety Cap" that "Prevents Spills!"

No doubt those individuals only have a single X chromosome.

Never mind — let's not be haters.

Around here we take what we can get.

Jane or John — each, $5.99.

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do they have to use people's names for these products?! with this product on market, thank god i'm no longer in high school.

Posted by: Jane | Jul 2, 2007 11:51:58 AM

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