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July 5, 2007

Ratcheting Can Opener


This is a breakthrough.

I can't believe I'm seeing a ratchet mechanism in a can opener for the very first time, because it's so obvious once it's in front of your eyes.

The problem with ordinary can openers like the classic Swing-A-Way (below)


is the razor sharp lid edges which result from their use.

When you move to devices which leave smooth edges, like my excellent Rösle (below),


you have to work pretty hard to move the thing around the can, since you're simultaneously folding the lid's edge over as you make the cut.

This new ratchet-driven iteration would appear to make it easy to operate and leave a safe edge.

Version 2.0 needs a vertical handle so that the ratcheting motion is up-and-down, enabling one-handed operation.

That's as sure a bookofjoe MoneyMaker™ as you're ever going to get.

From the website:

    Safety I-Can Opener — Easiest Can Opener Ever

    Clamps easily on any can with your right hand or your left, while the ratchet arm opens the can top with simple back-and-forth motion.

    Open your cans using less power, without twisting and turning your wrist with stubborn can tops.

    If arthritis causes you hand pain, Safety I-Can Opener is the answer.

    Prevents sharp edges for your ultimate safety.

    Ratchet motion reduces hand and wrist strain.



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