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July 2, 2007

Kevlar-Lined Stab-Proof Hoodie — Because 'nothing ruins your day quicker than a shiv at the skatepark'

From the product website:

    Bladerunner Kevlar-Lined Hooded Top

    Bladerunner have now redesigned the Kevlar-Lined Hooded Top which has a high cut resistance.

    The top is fully lined with Dupont Kevlar and regardless of whether you are wearing this top for leisure, sport or any other activity you will find that the Hooded Top gives you that extra bit of security as it now has a high slash/cut resistance.


From the website of one of the designers:

    Knife-Resistant Kevlar Hoodies

    City streets are sometimes dangerous territory.

    South Africa in particular, with one of the highest crime rates in the world could benefit from any type of technological advancement in protection against threatening situations.

    With this in mind, Shelflife Store in Cape Town, South Africa and I recently teamed up with UK security/protection apparel company Bladerunner.

    We collaborated to conceptualize graphics for limited knife-resistant Kevlar hoodies.

    The first edition features a full print [below] representing the actual chemical structure of Kevlar combined with the Bladerunner logo.

    This is street science at its finest!




[via thegoat.backcountry.com]

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is it really? and where can i get one?

Posted by: Teboho George | Dec 12, 2008 8:30:30 AM

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