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July 13, 2007

Time-Out Teddy — Because it's never too early to send mixed signals


The perfect way to inculcate cognitive dissonance before a child even knows how many fingers he has.

From the website:

    Time-Out Teddy

    Time-Out Teddy lets kids know when time’s up!

    Plush bear not only measures a child’s "time-out" if they’ve misbehaved but also aids in teaching youngsters the concept of time.

    Timer on the teddy’s tummy can be set in increments up to 60 minutes and when the time’s up, a buzzer rings to let everyone know!



"Teaching youngsters the concept of time?"

I've got news — a few years sitting in elementary school classrooms anything like those I spent what seemed like centuries in will go a long, long way towards taking care of that.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to learn that Time-Out Teddy was used in Alex DeLarge's preschool.


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