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August 5, 2007

bookofjoe alters its 'Wild West' comments policy


Last week my doughty Indianapolis correspondent was about the millionth person to email me complaining about how his perfectly innocent comments keep getting rejected as spam while random garbola makes it onto the sidebar just fine.

I roused my crack research team from their collective stupor and asked them to see what they could see.

Back story: I've never, ever touched my comment management settings — in fact, this is the first time I've even seen them.

All comment rejection before this post — since August 24, 2004, when bookofjoe in its current form began — was the result of TypePad's default software and filtering/spam detection settings, not mine.

Now begins a new era.

You should note — assuming I didn't screw everything up — a CAPTCHA box that needs to be filled in before a comment will post.

I chose not to require a valid email address since I have many readers in places where such identification could create issues — and potentially far worse.

Please also note that I did not put a hold or filter on comments.

Therefore, if it bounces back to you after you've played CAPTCHA, it's not my fault.

I mean, feel free as always to blame me anyway — I'm used to it.

FunFact: In the OR, whenever something goes wrong with the procedure — no matter what — it's customary for the surgeon to say, "It's anesthesia's fault."

That's the way uh huh, uh huh we like it.


FunFact #2: In republishing bookofjoe (a requirement to enable this new comment authentication feature) TypePad reported that I now have "8,120 daily pages."

Whatever that means.

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I love it. Well, actually I preferred it when it used to accept my comments without playing "Hunt the keyword" but at least we can get posted and not frustrated.


Posted by: Skipweasel | Aug 7, 2007 5:31:03 PM

Testing to see if I can comment yet LOL

PS: I couldn't remember the name of an antibiotic for a comment on another blog, so I entered some other things I remembered about the infection into Google: klebsiella pneumoniae peak trough (yes, it's been a while for me LOL). So instead of loading search results, Google tells me my search terms are Spyware search terms! I had to enter a Captcha just to get Google to accept my search terms! (I did find the name of the antibiotic after entering the Captcha though.)

Posted by: Sherri | Aug 6, 2007 8:50:50 AM

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