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August 5, 2007

Pet Love Earrings


From the website:

    Pet Earrings

    All pet owners know that life with a dog or cat can get a bit messy, chaotic or downright hairy.

    But these delightfully simple earrings get back to the basics — and that is the fact that you love your pet no matter what.

    The images look like doodles from a notebook — very clean and innocent — and capture the sweet, unconditional relationship of human and animal.

    Choose from a kitty on a white enamel background or a pup on a light-green enamel background.

    Hand made in California by Mark Poulin.

    The perfect gift for dog or cat owners and if you're both, why not wear one of each to show your love for the canine and feline variety?

    Sterling silver and enamel.

    0.75"L x 0.5"W.



Cats or Dogs, $48 a pair.

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