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August 7, 2007

Gyro Jewelry


For girls who have trouble keeping their heads on straight — and those who admire them.

From the website:

    Gyro Necklace and Earrings

    To the untrained eye this jewelry looks like a cleverly designed circular construction, but the eye of artist Connie Verrusio sees so much more.

    Verrusio specializes in finding old mechanical parts and converting them into wearable accents.

    She solders sterling silver washers together to create these unique accessories.

    Gyros (gyroscopes) are used for measuring and maintaining orientation.

    They are used in compasses and assist in stability (bicycles, Hubble Space Telescope and ships) as part of inertial guidance systems.

    So in a sense, whenever you put on this necklace or these earrings you can think not only are they alluring, but also a subtle reminder of balance, stability and direction in life.

    Chain: 16"L; Pendant 0.5" Diam.

    Handmade in New York.

    Earrings: 1.5"L.

    Sterling silver.



Tell you what: I'd like to see Peter Atwood take this idea to the next level by creating working gyroscope jewelry.

Sure, it would cost four figures minimum — but imagine the exquisite sensation of being truly balanced.

Who can put a price on that?

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