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August 5, 2007

Corn Wars — Episode 5: OXO Strikes Back


Let's see now, we've had the Corn Zipper, the Kernel Kutter (twice), the Cob Kernel Cutter and now this latest entry in the bare cob sweepstakes.

What appears to elevate this one above the rest is that as you remove the kernels, instead of having them flying all over the kitchen they nestle in the handle.

Pretty impressive.


Tim McKeough reviewed it in the August 2, 2007 New York Times, as follows.

No Help for the Husker, But a Useful Way for People To Enjoy Corn Off the Cob

Just in time for corn season there’s a new tool for taking kernels off a cob of cooked corn. The Oxo corn stripper ($12), created by Mark Naden, an industrial designer with TODA (the Office of Design and Architecture) in New York, is good news for people who are tired of getting corn stuck between their teeth. The tool removes the corn in strips as it is dragged down the cob, and holds the corn in an integrated collection basket. (Previous attempts to design such a device, Mr. Naden said, resulted in products that created a mess: “Corn just went everywhere.”) There’s also a comfortable grip for safety and control. At Sur La Table, 75 Spring Street (Crosby Street), (212) 966-3375; or (800) 545-4411 to order.


From the OXO website:

OXO Corn Stripper

The easy way to strip corn kernels off the cob.

Attached container stores about one cob’s worth and opens for easy cleaning.

Soft-grip plastic.

4¾" x 2¾" x 2¼".

Dishwasher safe.



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I'm stoked. Just yesterday I had kernels flying all over the kitchen in an attempt to serve corn to my front-toothless 6 year old. I'm so there.

Posted by: tamra | Aug 6, 2007 2:31:52 AM

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