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August 10, 2007

Magic Fish Scaler


Featured on Steve Leckart's Cool Tools.

Jay Allison reviewed it there as follows:

    Magic Fish Scaler

    Sure, you can scale fish with the back of your knife blade โ€” and I did for years until I drove my thumb into the dorsal spike of a striped bass one evening. After subsequent surgery, I picked up this little device at the tackle shop. It offers more than self-defense, it's just absolutely good at what it does and costs less than ten bucks. Show it to your friends and make them guess what it's for; they'll be stumped. What would make you design a fish scaler with what looks like plastic hex-head bits loosely attached to the underside of a circular disc? It doesn't make sense. But it works! It defends your thumb (thank you) and prevents scales from scattering all over and flying up into your face. Only a little pressure is needed and the fish is completely clean in seconds.

From the Bass Pro Shops website:

    Big Norm Fish Scaler

    This scaler has 19 floating heads which lift off and catch scales.

    This is the quick way to clean a fish.


Now that's how to write a product description โ€” short, snappy and to the point.

Note to file: Find out who wrote it and offer them a position here.


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But where does on catch magic fish? And do they grant wishes?

Posted by: Al Christensen | Aug 10, 2007 12:10:29 PM

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