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August 10, 2007

Pluots, Apriums and Plumcots


Florence Fabricant, in her July 11, 2007 "Food Stuff" column in the New York Times Dining In section, spelled out what exactly goes into each of these three exotic fruits.

Her informative deconstruction follows.

Sweet and Fuzzy, And New at the Market

About 15 years ago pluots [top], big, sweet fruits that are a cross of plum and apricot, came on the market. More plum than apricot, they look like a plum, often with a ruby-red interior.

Apriums [below],


more apricot than plum, made their commercial debut about five years ago. These close cousins to the apricot offer a hint of orange citrus flavor.

These fruits are in season now, along with the plumcot, 50 percent plum and 50 percent apricot, which has been sold on a limited basis until now. It has a slightly fuzzy skin in colors including blackish purple in a variety called Black Velvet [below],


grown by Kingsburg Orchards in California, and an apricot-colored one, Flavorella.

D’Arrigo Brothers, in the Hunts Point Market, distributes these fruits from California’s Central Valley. Grace’s Marketplace, Fairway, Citarella and some supermarket chains carry them for $3.99 to $4.99 a pound.

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