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August 11, 2007

Portable Powered Massaging Seat Cushion


First-class even when you're crammed into coach.

From the website:

Massaging Seat Cushion

'Alternating Pressure Point Technology Protects Long-Haul Travelers From DVT'

Wheelchair users have relied on this technology for years.

Here's the first use of the same deep vein thrombosis protection technology for travelers.

Patented seat uses a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled pump and valve system that alternates air pressure within its chambers to "lift and shift" the points where your body comes in contact with the airplane seat, so your circulation is continually enhanced.

Internal batteries for the tiny built-in pump last 50 hours before needing a recharge (dual-voltage charger included).

Far more comfortable than any air or gel cushion — you'll arrive at your destination without ever having said, "I'm tired of sitting!"


Folds for easy carrying.

18" x 18" open.


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Where can I purchase the portable powered massaging seat cushion?



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