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August 10, 2007

Rocking Wine Glasses


First worklights, now this — what the heck is going on?

From the website:

    Rocking Wine Glasses

    Guests will be wondering about the potency of the wine when you serve it in these clever wine glasses.

    The slightly off-center base causes the glass to rock gently into place, leaving drinkers a bit wary of their balance.

    The set of four glasses feature a lovely speckled glass pattern, one each in yellow, fuchsia, green and blue.

    The modern stemless shape lets the glasses pull double duty serving cocktails, making the set a unique gift for newlyweds or hosts.

    4" H; 12.5 oz. capacity.

    Hand wash.

    Set of 4.


When I read the description above, I thought for a second they were watching a highlight from my Indiana correspondent's greatest hits compilation.


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Wine glasses? GLASSES?

You mean you actually pour the bottle into something that isn't your mouth? Actually, one of the most sophisticated woman I know, shows up at my house one day to spend a rainy evening on my intimate but incredibly loungable balcony. She comes in with two bottles of wine and asks which do I like, white or red...red, I say...'good, I like white'. Decorking the two, she hands me my bottle and we proceed. No glasses involved. The way it should be.

Posted by: clifyt | Aug 10, 2007 2:57:22 PM

I don't usually like gimicky wine paraphernalia, but these glasses are beautiful as well is interesting. I love the colours.

Posted by: Rena | Aug 10, 2007 11:58:36 AM

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