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August 31, 2007

SlouchPod — 'World's most comprehensive gaming chair'


Only a Brit would describe a gaming chair as "comprehensive" and in fact one just did — Jonathan Margolis in today's Financial Times review of this new Xbox/PlayStation/Wii accessory, which reads as follows:


The predominantly British-made SlouchPod is the most comprehensive gaming chair to date — a beanbag in fuchsia [below] or five other colours with speakers either side of your head and a subwoofer strategically sited at the small of your back.


It hooks up to any console, laptop or MP3 player and makes a great deal of noise and vibration, just like it oughta.

The bass will wobble your very gizzards.

Be certain of one thing: you won't find "gizzards" in reviews by Mossberg or Pogue.

But I digress.


Your very own SlouchPod Interactive XT can be yours for a cool Britannia £299.

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