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August 24, 2007

iPhone Boom Box


Joe Brown wrote about it in the "Fetish" feature in the latest issue (September 2007) of Wired magazine, as follows.

    Whole Lotta Sound

    Hooking that shiny new iPhone up to your jury-rigged shelf system is like offering Cinderella a pair of Timberlands. Called the Zeppelin in homage to the greatest band of all time (or maybe it's the shape), this audio masterwork boasts two tweeters, two mid-range drivers, and a woofer in the center for 50 watts of sound that does justice to any Jimmy Page riff. The fit and finish around each driver is tight to keep sound waves from tripping over excess material and losing fidelity. Got other audio sources kicking around the mansion? A 3.5-mm jack accepts digital and analog inputs, so your butler can hook up his Zune.


It'll also work with your iPod.



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