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September 6, 2007

'Female Elvis' Janis Martin, 66 years old, performs at the 10th Rockabilly Rave 2006 in Camber Sands, UK

Shawn A. Hessinger's Retro 50's website yesterday featured a great video (above) of Martin's performance at last year's 10th Rockabilly Rave 2006 in Camber Sands, U.K.


her mid-50's rendition of "Bang Bang."

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Personalized Hello Kitty Car Mat


From the website:

    Personalized Hello Kitty Car Mat

    Can you believe this little kitten has been a favorite since 1976?

    Add a touch of retro to your ride with this unique personalized set of 2 easy-care, durable PVC vinyl non-skid car mats.

    Please state one name to be put on both mats, or state a separate name for each mat (up to 13 characters/spaces per mat).

    Designs are molded into mats and won't chip or fade.

    25" x 16.5".


Two for $49.

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Fun with neurosurgeons


Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

I mean, how can anyone ever be anything but frightened to death when a neurosurgeon's involved?

Well, my crack research team found a way.

In their ongoing quest to find things to do other than create the very best website possible, they stumbled on a neurosurgery bulletin board that's open to the public.

As of 2:01 p.m. today there were 36,965 articles posted — surely there's something there that'll catch your eye for more than a yoctosecond.

All kinds of great stuff you won't find anywhere else.

Trust me....

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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joeTV — closer?


An alert reader stumbled on my skunk works joeTV website, still in alpha (that's the Internet equivalent of diapers and a pacifier).

She sent back the image above as proof.

All right, all right.

Take a chill pill.

It's coming.


Real soon now.

In the meantime, Ms. Smartypants, email me if you'd like a position on my crack research team.

Vacancies occur hourly....

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earlred.com — 'Web search beyond text'


There's something going on here but you don't know what it is — do you, Mr. joe?

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Kevlar Thread


It's featured in the latest Cool Tools newsletter, edited by Steve Leckart; Sean Rutledge reviewed it as follows.

    Kevlar Thread — Tough sewing line

    I tend to be rough on buttons (or maybe I'm just gaining weight). I started using Kevlar thread to sew fire toys and found it is very strong. I now use Kevlar thread for all my sewing. On buttons, I don't need to use as much thread to secure them and the thread is tougher than the fabric I sew into. By weight, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel wire and is used in bulletproof vests. Do NOT try to break it by hand — you'll just hurt yourself. The very thin thread works well with beads — it's very abrasion-resistant — and there are thicker varieties that I use for sewing leather.


Brown, Orange, Yellow or Olive.

$1.95 a spool at Amazon.

This stuff might be useful in an emergency far from civilization, to temporarily close an open wound.

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