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September 9, 2007

2007 Air Guitar World Championship

The winner, Ochi Yosuke of Japan, made it two in row with his sensational performance (above) late Friday night at the Teatria Rock Club in Oulu, Finland, near the Arctic Circle.

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Flask in a [Good] Book


From the website:

Flask in a [Good] Book

Give the Good Book as a gift and you can hand write a touching and heartfelt greeting on the inside cover (you know, like your grandparents used to inside your Beano annual every Christmas).


Or you can fill the flask with the recipient's favourite tipple.

Or if you really want to push the boat out nip into your local key cutting shop and get the flask engraved!

A featured selection of the clifyt book club.



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Aquada: 110 mph top speed (on land) — but can your wheels do 30 mph while crossing the English Channel?

Didn't think so.

The new (September 6, 2007) Economist features this upcoming James Bond-style vehicle, due to go into production next year and sell for $85,000.

It all started when Alan Gibbs — founder of Gibbs Technologies, the vehicle's manufacturer — decided he wanted to be able to drive onto the beach in front of his New Zealand home.


Here's the Economist article.

A car that runs on water


Is it an aquatic car or a terrestrial boat? The Aquada, a three-seater vehicle with wheels that fold up, James Bond-style, is due to go into production in 2008 and will sell for around $85,000, according to its maker, Gibbs Technologies.


In 2004 an early prototype, piloted by Richard Branson, a British entrepreneur, became the fastest amphibious vehicle ever to cross the English Channel. Powered by a V-6 engine, the Aquada is capable of 175kph (110mph) on land and 50kph on water.


The company's founder and president, Alan Gibbs, wanted to be able to drive onto the beach in front of his home in New Zealand, which is often inaccessible because of high tides. But Gibbs Technologies' chief executive, Neil Jenkins, reckons the Aquada will appeal to a broad range of buyers, including urbanites in London or New York, who could use the amphibious craft to circumvent traffic-clogged roads.


The Aquada will be built in America, and several states are vying to attract the plant. “Personally, I'd like to do it in Detroit,” says Mr Gibbs. He hopes to employ 1,500 workers and produce 100,000 vehicles within five years. The Aquada certainly has novelty value. But its success depends on there being enough paying customers who decide that it floats their boat.

Bonus: It works great as a tow vehicle for waterskiing.

I call the Aquada the ultimate flood insurance.

And for those in professions requiring a sure getaway — it can't be beat.

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Pyramat S1000 Sound Rocker


From the website:

    S1000 Sound Rocker with Speakers

    The S1000 Sound Rocker surrounds you with the action of your video games, movies and music.

    The two full range ARX™ high performance speakers create personal surround sound effects to accelerate your games to the next level.

    The Sound Rocker works with Movies and Music too.

    Connect with your iPod or MP3 player and the Sound Rocker fills your room with music.

    The custom contoured headrest and breathable poly-stretch fabric are ideal for extended gaming sessions.

    The S1000 Sound Rocker features battle armor styling, performance audio and total comfort.

    The S1000 Sound Rocker works with Movies and Music too.

    Connect with your iPod or MP3 player and the sound rocker fills your room with music at the push of a button.

    The reversible headrest and breathable dual-layered mesh backrest are ideal for extended hours of game play.

    The S1000 Sound Rocker is the ultimate gaming experience.


    • RCA Multi-player Audio Outputs
    • Breathable Poly-stretch Fabric
    • Illuminating Control Plate
    • Folds for Storage
    • RCA Audio Inputs
    • Headphone Jack
    • Volume Control


Watch the video.


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Ustream — Is this the key that will unlock joeTV?

This past Thursday reader Michael Hoffman emailed me as follows:


    If you want to do a streaming video "TV" show, check these guys out: http://ustream.tv/.

    We broadcast our National Auctioneers Association meeting with them.

    It's free and works very well.


As you read this post my crack technical team is checking out Ustream.tv as the possible future home of joeTV.

Stay tuned, as they say — but don't hold your breath.

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Electric Table


Created by Broberg & Ridderstrale of Stockholm.

It's a table with outlets on all sides.



Inquire within.

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bookofjoe MoneyMaker™ — WiFi Camcorder Touchscreen


The penny dropped this morning while I was looking at the latest and greatest new camcorders, with their giant 3.5" touchscreens (above and below).

Who's gonna be the first to add WiFi capability, a la Apple's new iTouch (my name for the surprisingly horribly-named iPod touch), pictured below,


to create a totally connected, always-on CamComputer™?

Sony? Canon? Panasonic? Bueller? Flautist? clifyt?



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Numbers Alarm Clock


From the website:

    Numbers LED Alarm Clock

    LED Alarm Clock with individual digits that can be moved around independently.

    Each cube is 1"W x 1.5"H with a separate controller for the time set, dimmer and alarm functions (including snooze).

    Designed by Jonas Damon.



Red/Black or Red/Red.


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