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September 26, 2007

Quantum Levitation


It's just happened at St. Andrews University in Scotland.

Long story short: Scientists there turned the Casimir Force on its head, converting it from attraction to repulsion and enabling levitation.

Wrote Cristina Jimenez in the August 10, 2007 Financial Times, "Ulf Leonhardt and Thomas Philbin think they can cause an object to repel rather than attract another in a vacuum. The St. Andrews scientists have worked out how to shift the normally "sticky" quantum force of empty space from attraction to repulsion by placing a "perfect lens" between two mirrors. Thanks to this arrangement, the repulsive force of the quantum vacuum may levitate the upper mirror."

Details here.

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From a website:

    iPod Karaoke Microphone

    This device allows you to sing along with your favorite songs because it has a built-in FM transmitter that plays a connected iPod's songs through your home stereo system.

    The device isolates and mutes the vocal track of the original song so that you can replace it with your voice, which can be easily heard over instruments and backing vocals; at the touch of a button the lead vocals can be added back in to help you keep your place.

    It can also be plugged in directly to your stereo system using standard audio cables (not included).

    You can pause, scan forward or backward, or skip tracks using the device, and add reverb to your voice.

    Power is provided by a connected iPod.

    6" L x 1" W.


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The Book of Joba


Catchy, what?

I saw it (above) for the first time an hour ago in today's Wall Street Journal story by Allan Barra about New York Yankee rookie pitching sensation Justin Chamberlain (below), whose nickname is "Joba the Heat" after his overpowering 100+ mph fastball.


More on the Joba Rules here.

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bookofjoe 'Help Wanted' ad


Res ipsa loquitur.


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bookofjoe MoneyMaker™ — This one's for Apple

We don't discriminate here: the rich are welcome to get even richer, witness this post.

I noticed Steve Jobs's recent announcement that the iPhone goes on sale in the U.K. on November 9, 2007.

Nick Wingfield and Daniel Thomas wrote in a September 19, 2007 Wall Street Journal article about the launch, "Another risk for Apple in Europe is the iPhone's lack of support for 3G mobile networks, which offer high-speed Internet surfing on mobile handsets. Apple executives have said they supported a slower network called Edge in the initial iPhone because 3G isn't pervasive enough yet in the U.S., and the chips needed to access the faster networks use too much battery power. But 3G networks are more common in Europe, so using the iPhone's many Internet features may frustrate Europeans.

"Apple and O2 are attempting to lessen the problem by giving iPhone users in the U.K. free access to 7,500 Wi-Fi hot spots around the U.K. run by wireless company the Cloud. Wi-Fi connections offer broadband Internet speeds that exceed those of even 3G, but the technology typically provides only short-range coverage in cafes, hotel lobbies and other public locations."

That free WiFi access makes excellent sense, especially since Edge is only available in areas covering about 30% of the British population, as opposed to a much higher penetration in the U.S.

But what about iPhone users in the U.S. who might be stuck with Apple's much slower Edge network well into next year, or even beyond?

Here's the MoneyMaker™: Since Apple and Starbucks have agreed to eventually bring free wireless iTunes store access to iPhone users at any Starbucks, why not think different and open up Starbucks' WiFi network — free — to iPhones in the U.S. right now?

Win-win for Apple and Starbucks.

But hey, what do I know?

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What is it?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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Up the Anesthetic – Official group of bookofjoe


"Up the Anesthetic is a collaboration between producers Sean E & Ryan Boesch with contributions from members of Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Clutch, Zombie, Hed P.E. DJ Swamp, AMEN, Otep, and more.... This is dark triphop soundtrack music with heavy artists playing in a way you've never heard them play...."

FunFact: Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood (below)


are Hollywood's current fun couple.

You could look it up.

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Avurt IM-5: 'Most dangerous object in the office this month'


That's how Miyoko Ohtake described this formidable self-defense tool in the October 2007 issue of Wired magazine.

Her review:

    Avurt IM-5

    It might look like a prop from "Legally Blonde III: Elle's Revenge," but don't underestimate the Avurt IM-5. This personal protection device packs compressed nitrogen to blast paintball-like pellets of ultra-potent PAVA pepper spray. A laser sight ensures that each of the five tears-and-vomit rounds hit the target creep from up to 40 feet away. For a mere $300, it's one way to win arguments with meddlesome editors.


From the product website:

    Avurt IM-5 Launcher Kit

    The Avurt IM-5 launcher is a non-lethal self-defense PAVA projectile launcher.

    The Avurt IM-5 uses compressed nitrogen to deploy five live or practice rounds semi-automatically up to 40 feet (12 meters).

    The live rounds break open on impact and disperse a cloud of potent PAVA powder, which is significantly stronger than pepper spray.

    The PAVA powder causes an attacker to cough, choke and become debilitated.


    • Comes with 10 practice rounds

    • Lightweight and easy to carry

    • Small non-gun design

    • 40 foot range

    • Non-lethal



Besides Pink (above), it also comes in girlieman Blue, Red and Black.


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