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September 1, 2007

Bram Cohen's blog

Who's he (above)?

He created BitTorrent.

His observations are consistently at odds with the received wisdom and always interesting.

Consider for example his thoughts on the iPhone in a July 7, 2007 post which follows.

    iPhone review

    There are few technologies from the last hundred years which really make a difference in everyday quality of life. A modern mattress is good, as are a modern washer and dryer, a decent vacuum cleaner, a net connection with a web browser, and a phone which gets better audio quality than a hundred years ago. Well, all except that last one, because IT DOESN'T EXIST. Despite all the hoopla about the iPhone, 90% of its functionality is still voice calls, and it it still has the same crappy ones as everything else. You can't even change its ring tone to be an arbitrary MP3. It may have some cute gizmos, but the iPhone is still fundamentally a mediocre consumer electronics device.

    Would some carrier, any carrier, please offer a feature such that when calls are made within the carrier you get better audio quality than is available over the plain old telephone system? Is it too much to ask that background music sound like background music, rather than bizarre noise?

    Rendering web pages in Safari is cute though. It upgrades the phone-based web browsing experience from "useful in case of emergencies" to "useful when you don't have a real monitor around."

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