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September 7, 2007

email Steve Jobs


Easier said than done: bet you haven't a clue what his email address is.

Yet a lot of people do: witness the first paragraph of his open letter to iPhone customers, posted yesterday on Apple's website: "I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions."

Here you go: [email protected]

Tell him I sent you if you want to be certain you head directly to his spam folder without passing Go or collecting your $100 credit.

It's amusing to speculate on how Sony's grand panjandrum, Sir Howard Stringer, might have responded to something akin to the firestorm that erupted over the iPhone price drop.

Based on his past performances during Sony's missteps and debacles of the past couple years (stealth rootkit invasion of customers' hard drives, etc.), it's very likely he would've hunkered down in a secure, hardened, undisclosed location while his executives took the hit.

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If you cannot tell the difference between a blog and email, I will make certain that you never have an iPhone(R).

...There, I just made it so. If you buy an iPhone or even given one, it will cross-reference your email address to your physical address and will self-destruct. We at Apple do not suffer fools well and I am suffering in the fact that I am even responding, but it was necessary to make certain you never, NEVER, *NEVER* buy one of our products. Only pretty people who are also smart can own one. Like that Kid from Accepted or is it Waiting, Justin...he is my favorite. Unless you are as pretty as him, you cannot own an iPhone, which will be never.

Posted by: SteveJobsy-t | Nov 28, 2008 4:29:56 PM

Hi Steve I want to ask you if you can give me a iPhone. I mean that you have a lot of money and all I want is just one I won't tell any about this so that all my friends wouldn't ask for one. I asked my mom if she wouid get me one but she wants me to get straight A's in my report card but I can only get A's and B's in my report card. Please please please please please please please, give me a iPhone I really want one . Also I wanted to tell you that every bography I had I wrote about you. Just send it to 2074 El arbolita Glendale Cal. if I had A's in my report card my mom wouldn't get me a iPhone because she doesn't have enogh money PLEASE.

Posted by: Zack | Nov 28, 2008 3:32:33 PM

I have a name for your next product, I am a small time share holder of apple and always buying on the dips. I believe in your growth and would like to be a small part of it. I have a name for your future product that is so catchy you have to love it ofcoarse it begins with the letter I. If your interested e mail me back I would love to share it with you. jeff

Posted by: jeff noll | Feb 10, 2008 6:44:23 PM

Maximillian :)

You're awesome dude!!!!

Posted by: NotCreativeEnough | Sep 8, 2007 7:13:09 PM

Isn't his email address [email protected]?

And his resume: http://homepage.mac.com/steve/Resume.html>http://homepage.mac.com/steve/Resume.html

Posted by: Maximillian | Sep 8, 2007 5:07:47 PM

So ya got the email that his legion of assistants read! And OCCASIONALLY passes on to the big man :-)

Now go find the supersekret one that he reads personally...hmmm...I wonder what that would be worth?

Posted by: clifyt | Sep 7, 2007 2:56:07 PM

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