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September 29, 2007

Got Shavings? Evolution Cyclone Magnetic Stick


From websites:

    Evolution Cyclone Magnetic Stick

    Fabricating in steel can be a messy business.

    This is the perfect tool to quickly clean up your metal shavings and scrap pieces.

    Powerful magnetic stick with a retractable magnet is perfect for quickly gathering metal bits.

    The amazing Cyclone magnetic chip collector is a must have addition to help keep your work area tidy in any metal working environment.

    This handheld light weight tool works like a magic wand — simply push in the handle and wave the tool over the ferrous metal chips and it will attract them to itself, then carry them over to your scrap barrel, pull the plunger and the shavings are neatly deposited.


In the photo below,


the device is shown with its internal magnet withdrawn inside the handle (24" long); when deploying its magnetic capability (top) it is 15" long.


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