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September 7, 2007

Pawbreakers — Candy for Cats


That's different.

From the website:

    Pawbreakers — The Candy for Cats

    Pawbreakers is simply a solid ball of top quality catnip, specially combined with a food-grade binding agent to make a tasty toy that can be chased and eaten by your pet with practically no mess.

    Pawbreakers don’t require any special preparation to provide hours of fun and excitement for your cat, but with a little creativity you can discover countless new experiences for your pet to enjoy!

    Tub Time — Your cat may not be incredibly fond of her time in the tub, but a dry bathtub and a Pawbreaker can be the recipe for a whole lot of fun! The curved edges of many bathtubs can provide non-stop movement and fun as your cat leaps and pounces to catch this tantalizing treat!

    Fishin’ for Fun — Use Pawbreakers to engage your cat in active play! Simply drill a hole in your Pawbreaker and thread it on a string. Then toss it out to your pet. Pull the string in slowly and watch your cat go bonkers as she scampers and pounces on the tasty treat! This is a great way to revitalize old ‘fishing pole’ type toys that have worn out or lost their appeal!

    Aromatherapy — Invigorate an old toy or scratching post by rubbing it down with a Pawbreaker!

    Lose your Marbles! — That’s what will happen to you and your cat if you put down a bunch of Pawbreakers at once! (And if you don’t really want him to lose his marbles put them all in a big box and let the fun begin!)


Humphrey is hyperventilating as he reads this from his perch adjacent to my treadmill workstation.


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Had to order two as they don't allow orders under $5.00. My cat will be very happy about that :)

Posted by: NotCreativeEnough | Sep 7, 2007 6:42:52 PM

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