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September 12, 2007

Stonehenge Pocket Watch — Tell time like a Druid


From the website:

    Stonehenge Pocket Watch — 5000 Years And Still Ticking!

    Now you can tell time accurate to within one hour just like the ancient Druids!

    Famous circle of giant stones faithfully reproduced to scale on the inside of this elegant pocket watch.

    Point it due north (compass included) and you can quickly determine almost exactly what hour it is (if it's a sunny day, of course).
    If you're really patient, you can tell which season it is and even significant days like the winter solstice.

    If you're really, really patient, you can observe the next lunar eclipse (they're exactly 223 lunar cycles apart).

    If you just can't wait (or it's overcast) read the time on the face of the ornate outer watch. With complete instructions (thank Odin).



Just named Official Pocket Watch of the Long Now.


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