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September 1, 2007

The rise of online video classifieds


In an informative August 9, 2007 Wall Street Journal story Jessica E. Vascellaro reviewed three new websites offering video classifieds.

The best part is you can post your ad for free.

Just one more nail in the coffin of the daily newspaper.

Here's the story.

Sites Let Sellers Post Video

Classified sites — stuck in the Craigslist era — are getting a video makeover.

New sites like Imoondo, Spynbuy and RealPeopleRealStuff are trying to bring classified listings to life by allowing users to create and post short online videos showing off everything from handbags to homes.

While they have far fewer listings than regular classified sites, and some clips (such as an Elvis impersonator offering free dance advice) are downright silly, for items like real estate and cars, they can be quite useful by giving you a panoramic view of the product.

The sites, which are organized by city, don't charge regular consumers to post their videos although some plan to charge for businesses who want to use the services. Here's a look at where to find the homegrown commercials:

Web site: Imoondo.com

Selection: More than 400 videos ranging from a Bostonian discussing a $60 fishing lure to a close-up of an exotic fish swimming in its tank.

Comment: Site has a unique collection of visual artists showing off work ranging from pet portraits to bronze sculptures. But, weirdly, the site is also heavy on restaurant reviews.


Web site: RealPeopleRealStuff.com

Selection: More than 200 video classifieds featuring a woman playing a $150 flute and a stand-up comedian seeking bookings at corporate events.

Comment: Site was easy to browse but for some wares — like Superman trading cards or Entertainment Weekly magazines — pictures would have been just as useful as video.


Web site: Spynbuy.com

Selection: 250 video classifieds from a person walking on a $250 treadmill to a car salesman showing off vintage cars.

Comment: Site has a nice collection of videos showing off housing listings and office space. The virtual tours were clearly more useful than text ads.

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great info...and there's another site you should add to the list. it's listasaurus.com, who just added video classifieds to their features--and not only is it free, but they pay you to list your ads there! also I like that you have a choice whether or not to include the video in your ad.

will be interesting to see how the video ad trend progresses...

Posted by: Ziggy | Sep 5, 2007 10:45:57 AM

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