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September 29, 2007

Upside-Down Tomato Garden — As seen circa 600 B.C. in Babylon*


From the website:

    Upside-Down Tomato Garden

    This ingenious planter takes the toil out of tomatoes by elevating the planting bed so vines grow downward.

    Hanging vines need almost no attention as tomatoes ripen in the air (not on the ground) so they won't rot.

    Complementary plants like basil, parsley, rosemary and peppers can be planted on the top, which holds up to 80 lbs. of topsoil.

    The compact planter can fit in any space with ample sunlight — even condominium balconies.

    A hollow base filled with sand (not included) keeps it stable and upright.

    The plastic planting bed, supported by PVC pipes, has openings for four tomato plants underneath, with pop-out perforations for four additional openings.

    Minimal assembly; requires no tools.

    48"H x 25"W x 25"L.

    19 lbs.


A selection of the Bizarro World gift shop.



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I tried doing this over the summer. I had a LOT of tomatoes plants (sadly, dead on my porch right now) and I love having fresh tomatoes all year round. Found some instructions on how to make these with 2 liter bottles and milk jugs and otherwise and set up an experiment.

Every single tomato plant died within a few weeks. Needed 2 to 3x the water I was giving otherwise (of course, the other plants ended up dehydrated as well and then turning for the worse a few months later as my enclosed porch was getting just WAAAAAY too hot...next year, I'm getting some screens put in for venting).

I wonder how this product would fair in comparison. Anyone wants to send me one and I'll be more than happy to try it out!

Posted by: clifyt | Sep 29, 2007 12:44:09 PM

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