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October 10, 2007

Helpful Hints from joeeze — No more dead burritos: the sequel


In Episode 1 back on March 17, 2007, I reported on my invention of the Telltale Package Sign©™® to remind myself that I'd put something in the microwave.

Short, idiotic advice even shorter: Leave the carton or wrapper from whatever's in the microwave out on the counter in front of the oven as a mnemonic that "Hey, stoopid — you just nuked something."

No more "microwave memory hole."

But toaster oven mastery proved a far tougher — and potentially more troublesome — nut to crack.

Long story short: I have a habit of putting stuff in the toaster oven, then returning to the treadmill and computer and TV and music in my living room (top) and forgetting about what's cooking.

Until even a brain-dead blogger can smell the burnt, charred remnants of my much-anticipated brats or knockwurst or whatever, blackening into inedible cinders of what might have been.

Then the kielbasa dropped — as it were.

Just now, after placing the sausages into the toaster oven, I realized that I could avert repetition of the sad series of events recounted above by simply taking the tongs I use to turn the items with me to the computer, where they now stand proudly right in front of me in one of the drink holders on the treadmill's console (top) as a reminder to go check before I smell smoke.


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Easi-Twist Jar Opener


Who cares what it does — I just like the way it looks.

I'll bet zillions of alternative uses exist, to be revealed once this puppy's here in my hand.

From the website:

    Easi-Twist® Jar Opener

    Make stubborn lids on jars and bottles a thing of the past!

    Opener fits multiple jar sizes with its 4 built-in grippers: just place the correct size around lid and hold securely, turn counter-clockwise and presto — jar’s open!

    Great for food jars, nail polish, medicine bottles, etc.





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Flashing Pumpkin Earrings — Official Halloween Ear Candy™ of bookofjoe


Ear Candy™ — I like it.

From the website:

    Flashing Pumpkin Earrings

    Add spooky style to your "ghoul's night out!"

    Earrings have frightfully fun flashing pumpkins.


But wait, there's more!

At absolutely no extra charge they'll throw in a matching 17"-long Flashing Pumpkin Necklace "with 3 different blinking patterns: constant on; all flashing; alternate flashing"


AND an extra set of button batteries.

It's not gonna get a whole lot better than this, lemme tell ya....


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First rule of the Internet: When you stumble across anything interesting — print it out


I happened on this advice in the bibliography of Patrick Radden Keefe's superb book, "Chatter: Uncovering the Echelon Surveillance Network and the Secret World of Global Eavesdropping."

I have always done this but that's because of my peculiar way of dealing with online information: I don't put stuff in virtual files or folders but always print out things I might want to refer to, then file the paper.

An example: I'm perplexed when people tell me they can't find an email amongst all their saved messages — I don't have any saved messages.

Not one.

I completely empty my email boxes — In, Out, Sent, Drafts, Trash — at least weekly.

All gone.

Anything that seems of interest I've already printed out the moment I received it.

Hasn't seemed to be a problem yet.

But I digress.

From time to time while I'm creating stuff here I inadvertently publish something I'd intended to appear sometime in the future — hours, days, weeks or months from now.

As soon as TypePad goes through its pinging and all, I immediately reclassify that errant post as a draft, then redo the future posting date.

But for that several second interval between the errant post appearing and my taking it down, that post is up on bookofjoe, for anyone to read and, if they're quick enough, print out.

But then it's gone.

So like the proverbial tree in the forest, it may — or may not — have made the visual equivalent of a sound.

If no one saw it, it didn't.

If one person saw it, it still didn't — because unless that person printed it out, how can they prove it?

When it comes to the ultra-secret world described in Keefe's book, it can't be said better than he does, to wit: "Finally, the agencies themselves all have websites these days and will occasionally (very occasionally) post revealing or useful information. See www.nsa.gov; www.gchq.gov.uk; www.cse-cst.gc.ca; www.dsd.gov.au; www.gcsb.govt.nz; and, naturally, www.darpa.mil."

And remember, should you stumble across anything interesting on one these sites: print it out!

You can read the first chapter of his book here.

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No-Slip Ice Carpet


Is it that time already?

From websites:

    No-Slip Ice Carpet

    Ease the worry about slipping and falling on treacherous icy patches, snow-covered walkways and steps with this innovative carpet.

    Durable woven natural sisal fibers are coated with latex rubber to grip the ice without slipping, skidding or sliding for underfoot security.

    Place it over snowy paths and walk safely to and from your door — don't chop ice, shovel or salt and still proceed with confidence.

    Roll it out and reduce the danger of taking a serious fall — when warmer weather comes, it stores compactly for years of use.

    18 inches wide x 10 feet long.




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We get comments: From saiping in China


saiping apparently runs netnoease.com and yesterday afternoon, in response to my Monday post remarking on my increasing number of Chinese and Indian readers, wrote, "I am one of the Chinese readers, say hello to you!"

Back at ya.

And hey, spread the good word — there's a well over a billion more where you come from.

Even though my Chinese leaves a bit to be desired, I still enjoyed noodling around netnoease.

That bicycle built for two pictured up top is quite an interesting piece of kit, if I do say so myself.

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Lava Buns


Hey — their name, not mine.

From the website:

    Lava Buns™

    Traveling, hunting or at the game, Lava Buns seat cushion will keep you comfy.

    Place in the microwave for just 6 minutes and you'll stay nice and warm.

    Or put in the freezer overnight and stay cool.

    Durable stain- and water-resistant nylon.

    Carrying handles to take it anywhere.

    Seating area is 16" x 12".

    Folds in half.




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