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October 21, 2007

Rome's Trevi Fountain Runs Red

Pictured above as it happened, the event occurred two days ago, on Friday, October 19, 2007.

Peter Edidin's "Arts, Briefly" column in yesterday's New York Times reported the news as follows.

    The Waters Ran Red

    A man threw a bucket of red paint or dye into Rome’s Trevi Fountain on Friday, coloring the waters of the 18th-century monument bright red in front of a crowd of astonished tourists and locals, The Associated Press reported. The man escaped, leaving the fountain spouting red water. Technicians briefly shut off the water before restoring a clear flow. The monument has been a tourist hot spot since Federico Fellini’s 1960 movie “La Dolce Vita,” which featured the actress Anita Ekberg seductively splashing in the fountain’s waters [below].

    The ANSA news agency reported that a box found near the fountain contained leaflets by a group claiming responsibility. The leaflets said the red paint was a protest for expenses incurred in organizing the Rome Film Festival and symbolically referred to the event’s red carpet.


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Angle Power Strip


From the website:

    Angle Power Strip

    Cutting into tile, granite or stone backsplashes is not only costly, but also time consuming.

    The Angle Power Strip puts outlets out of the way in a convenient place, right under the cabinet.


Price upon application: aps@tasklighting.com

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Linguality.com — Episode 2: New and improved


That didn't take long: on September 29, 2007 I featured this very cool company, noting that it was too bad they were hiding their light under a barrel, as it were, by burying a demonstration of what they did so deeply in their website that it might as well not be there.

clifyt was able to extract it (but then, that's why I pay him what I do — but I digress) but he's certainly not a typical person.



Jim Roberts, the CEO of Linguality, commented as follows on October 5, 2007:


    Thanks everyone for taking a look at our web site. We hope our newly launched site is a little easier to navigate and that you are better able to find the sample PDF download! From the comments we have received so far I think our subscribers are enjoying the books as much as we did putting them together.


    CEO, Linguality


I stopped by the site and sure enough, right there on the homepage is a link to their secret sauce (top).

Nicely done, Jim.

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Microplane Oyster Shucking Glove


Just out and pictured above and below, it's styled as "cut resistant."


Florence Fabricant reviewed it in her October 10, 2007 New York Times "Food Stuff" column as follows: "... a new protective glove knitted from a polyester fiber used for bulletproof vests. It provides a nice cushioning and a line of defense when gripping a craggy oyster and inserting a knife. I liked it for opening clams, too."

From the Microplane website:

    Cut Resistant Glove

    Protect your hands with this machine washable, comfortable glove.

    Accident protection for the prudent.

    The Microplane® Cut Resistant Glove allows for safer food preparation with its uniquely constructed, machine washable, light weight and comfortable design.

    Made from man-made fibers, the "one size fits most" glove molds quickly to fit either hand.

    We recommend that you use this glove for all your food preparation requiring sharp tools.

    Keep in mind that you still have to avoid the sharp edges just like you would if you weren't wearing it.

    The benefit comes in the case of accidental contact with a sharp edge.

    It may still damage the glove, just not your hand.

    Product Details:

    • Made of seamless, cut-resistant wire-free knit.

    • Small and XL sizes available on website only.

    • Med/Large (fits most) available in stores.

    • FDA compliant for food contact.

    • Fits either hand.

    • Made in USA.

    Care & Cleaning:

    • Machine washable, drip dry.

    • NOT dishwasher safe.



I hate to rain on your oyster shucking parade but if you're not a pro, you'd be well advised to fork over $109 more and get yourself a chain mail glove (below)


like the pros use.

There's a reason they won't be buying Microplane's iteration anytime soon — it'll occur to you while you listen to the siren of the emergency vehicle taking you to the hospital after you've blundered into your own internal body space instead of the oyster's with your shucking knife.

Trust me....

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Sean McDonough and Chris Spielman are my favorite B-team football announcers


This past Friday evening as I was watching the Louisville v UConn tilt I realized I was quite enjoying the "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" economics teacher-like monotone delivery of McDonough's play-by-play.

Nicely complementing him was Spielman's kind of goofy linebacker shtick, sort of like Tony Siragusa — without the wackiness that saved Siragusa's job and has since made him a fixture as a sideline reporter on FOX.

If they ever make a Bueller sequel and Ben Stein isn't around or available, McDonough (top) would be perfect for the econ teacher.

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Hands Free Foot File


That's different.

From the website:

    Hands Free Foot File

    Clinging to the floor with its gripper back, this unique file offers luxurious exfoliating while you stand or sit comfortably in place!

    Simply move your foot back and forth over the abrasive surface to gently smooth calluses and rough skin, never having to bend, reach or strain.

    12-1/2"L x 6"W.



Better make sure your desk provides full frontal coverage before employing it in the work space.


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'Turning the Pages' at the British Library: Read Leonardo's Notebook, The Lindisfarne Gospels and The Diamond Sutra


The Diamond Sutra is the world's oldest dated printed book.

It resides in the British Library along with the other treasures noted above and many, many more.

The Library has created a site where you can actually read their priceless collection, "virtually" turning the pages right from your own computer, lingering as long as you like.

This is the promise of the internet, realized.

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NFL Helmet Cap — Gives a whole new meaning to 'put on your game face'


From the website:

    NFL Helmet Cap

    NFL Helmet Cap keeps you warm and cozy as you root for your favorite team.

    Sporting official team colors and logos, it’s the ultimate fan helmet!

    You can attach the snap-on neck warmer and chin strap or wear the “helmet” alone as a hat.

    Fleece cotton blend is machine washable.

    One size fits all adults.



Above, the good news.

The bad news: only 11 (Steelers, Eagles, Bears, Broncos, Cowboys, Patriots, Packers, Redskins, Ravens, Giants and Jets) of the 32 NFL teams are available.


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