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October 30, 2007

BehindTheMedspeak — Chin-Up Airway Support Device: 'When two hands are not enough'


I came across this nifty new device (above and below)


in an ad (below)


in the October issue of Anesthesiology News.

Long story short: It lifts a sedated patient's chin and helps keep the airway open.

Quite often as patients are sedated they relax their upper airway muscles, resulting in respiratory obstruction which causes the anesthesiologist to have to manually elevate and reposition the mandible (lower jaw).

Sometimes it gets to be such a problem that both hands and a lot of force are required to maintain a functioning airway.

Well, you can see how that could cause a problem if you need to give some medication or do anything other than support the jaw.


This device purports to take over for the anesthesiologists' hands and maintain the airway.


Perhaps I'll give the Dupaco a call and ask for a couple to try out.

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