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October 1, 2007

Daisy Chain Multicharger


From the website:

    Daisy Chain Recharges Every Conceivable Device Simultaneously — At Home or in Your Car!

    Just plug Daisy Chain into your wall or into your car’s lighter socket, and you can recharge all your personal electronics — at once!

    Eliminates completely that annoying tangle of wires and bulky transformers.

    Uses advanced voltage regulator circuitry to safely and simultaneously charge different devices.

    Comes with a single Mini-USB cord that fits Motorola RAZRs, SLVRs, KRZRs, and Blackberries; order additional adapter cords to fit your specific camera, cell phone, iPod, PDA, or Bluetooth headset.

    Includes AC and DC power cords and one Mini-USB charging cord.


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