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October 11, 2007

Socket Pocket — Episode 2: Charger Cradle


I guess a device that does this has to either rhyme or be alliteratively named, what?

The one featured in Episode 1 wasn't much to look at, true.

I can see how it would've sparked a frenzy of activity out back in the electrical accessory skunk works, resulting in the following iteration.

From the website:

Charger Cradle

This hammock for you charger is one of those things that should have been invented years ago.

Each cradle comes flat and can be easily folded into shape ready to be attached to the wall.


Instead of plugging your phone or Ipod into the wall and balancing it on the nearest piece of furniture with wires trailing all over the place, you can have it sit nice and neatly in this cradle.

You place the pins of your plug for the charger through the holes in the cradle and plug into the wall as you normally would.

It even has with a nice soft "velour" interior to ensure your device sits comfortably while charging.


$15 CAD (Click here, then click on "Personal Accessories": the item is the eleventh one down from the top).

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