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October 12, 2007

Video Rocket

The product's full name is Estes Oracle Video Rocket.

Jonathan Margolis wrote about in today's Financial Times "How To Spend It" supplement as follows.

    Estes Oracle Video Rocket Kit

    Rarely have I discovered something quite so delightfully daft as this, a three-foot-tall reusable model rocket that soars up to 600 feet, filming all the while with its built-in digital camera, then floats gently back down to earth, still filming, using its inboard parachute.

    But be warned: the rocket motors these babies come with are so explosive that the Royal Mail refuses to carry them and they have to be delivered by courier. Plus I recommend on the whole not firing rockets near airports or military installations. Or trees. On windy days.

    The assembly instructions are good, so getting aloft and making your own 30-second aerial movies is do-able within an hour or so of opening the box. The movie quality is all right for fun purposes, and you'll need to take a (Windows XP-based) laptop out flying with you, as each movie has to be downloaded post-flight before you can lift off again. Oh, and treat yourself to a few extra packets of rocket motors when you order, as the kit only comes with three.


In the U.S. the Estes Oracle Video Rocket has been discontinued and replaced by the "new and improved Estes Astrovision Video Rocket."


YouTube has five videos taken by the Astrovision, two of which appear above.

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