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October 3, 2007

World's Most Technical Garlic Press


Garlic presses are like hiccups remedies — so many exist because none of them are perfect.

Never mind — here's a novel take.

From the website:

    Garlic Press

    The unique design of this garlic press lets you place it on the counter top and use your entire weight to mince lots of garlic quickly and easily.

    The garlic is pushed through the large hopper onto a removable spoon for easy transfer and for scraping the remains from the press.

    Has non-slip base and is dishwasher safe.



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How about trying the simple method? Take the knife you're using to cut up the rest of the stuff you're cooking and whack the unpeeled clove with the flat of the blade. Just lift the peel away and (if needed) chop the clove into bits. It may take a few seconds longer to chop up the clove, but it takes a second or two to wash a knife and more time than is left in the universe to clean a fancy garlic crusher.

Posted by: Graeme | Oct 5, 2007 2:07:53 AM

Did y'all ever try this garlic press that the pampered chef people sell? My wife bought me one, and it works better than anything I've ever used. You don't skin the cloves. Just put a clove in and squeeze into whatever you're cooking, et cetera. I'm no genius, and it works for me.

Posted by: teg | Oct 3, 2007 11:42:24 PM

The removable cup part is great. Part of what kills me with my current garlic press is the lack of removal, unless I grab a fork. Not that grabing a fork is hard or anything, but I can also use a wide knife, mince and then smash it without an extra tool.

So if I'm gonna try a new garlic press it has to be the Don Juan of Garlic Presses.

Posted by: Adam P. Knave | Oct 3, 2007 4:30:08 PM

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