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October 28, 2007



From websites:


    Just like the ergonomic chair that cradles and supports your back, the Yoropen is specially designed for the most comfortable, supportive use possible, minimizing writing strain as it reveals a remarkably open view of your scribbles.

    Unique finger support enables comfortable, natural writing with minimal pressure and no hand strain or writer’s cramp.

    Angled barrel provides visual space so you can see what you’re writing.

    Adjustable tripod grip rotates easily for right- or left-handers.



Black: $14.95.

Satin Aluminum (top): $50.

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Calligraphy aficianados have been using offset or oblique pens for ages. They're fabulous for lefties 'cause they lessen the chance of you running your hand through the wet ink (they do the same for righties, actually, 'cause you're running your hand across the line below where you're actually writing). See here for a bunch of oblique pen options.

Posted by: Mary Sue | Oct 29, 2007 2:47:55 PM

I've always had bad hands at writing...throwing down roughly on a piano I'm good at, but anything requiring fine motor skills has eluded me.

Beyond that, I've always felt anonymous death threats over the internet were too impersonal, and I'M GONNA GET'CHA notes to politicians or ex-wives and their damn dog or maybe just that gawd-damn scary clown that shows up on local television around this time of year need to be hand written with a bit of flair.

I wonder if this instrument would help put my shaky hands at ease and allow me to work past the DTs and incoherence required to pen such missives? Now I would be tempted to buy one in a heartbeat if and only if they were to combine forces with the Swiss Aromatherapy Pen Corporation:


But if this were to happen, I'd be instantly asking for my custom scent of scotch and chloroform so that the recipients would know that I wrote with all the best intentions at heart.

Posted by: clifyt | Oct 29, 2007 9:21:01 AM

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