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November 8, 2007

MorphWorld: Elizabeth Perkins into "Weeds" co-star Mary-Louise Parker


See what happens when you do too much Mary Jane?


Everybody starts to look alike.

I happened on an ad for the show (top) in USA Today and at first mistook Elizabeth Perkins (left) for Mary-Louise Parker.

Too much plastic surgery will do that.


And it's not just Ms. Parker


who's been under the knife.


Ms. Perkins


barely resembles the actress who made an utterly charming 1986 film debut (below)


in "About Last Night."

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What is it?




here this





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"Poems are made by fools like me, unlike this 'fearful symmetry'"


I was amused by the headline of the featured item in the print edition of today's Financial Times "Lex" column, to wit: "Fearful Symmetry."

The column goes on to relate how the prices of gold and oil are heading toward $1,000 an ounce and $100 a barrel, respectively.

The emphasis of the piece was on how people seem to like round numbers when it comes to targets.

But what got my attention was the graphic (top) that accompanied the piece.

Looks like Mr. Gold and Mr. Oil are headed for the same hotspot, once you multiply the latter's unit price by ten.

Even a blind, anosmic pig finds an acorn every now and then.

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Flat Twine


That's different.

From the website:

    Flat Twine®

    This clear plastic film both stretches and adheres to itself (it is similar to the plastic used in pallet wrapping).

    The great advantage is that, unlike tape, there is no adhesive to be left behind, or to lift paint or finishes.

    It is particularly useful for providing clamping pressure on fragile or awkwardly shaped objects — successive layers increase the clamping pressure.

    Comes complete with a dispenser handle and roll of 2" x 650' (7800") film.

    Incredibly useful.


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macmothership.com's Apple advertising and brochure gallery


Enter the time machine and dial up 1976.

You are there (above).

[via Stephen Bové]

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HomeHero — World's most stylish kitchen fire extinguisher


Terri Sapienza reviewed it in the November 1, 2007 Washington Post Home section as follows:

    Safety First, Yes, But Style Is Next

    Finally, a fire extinguisher so good-looking you could give it as a gift.

    HomeHero has successfully married safety and style with its sleek new Kitchen Fire Extinguisher. Among its benefits is its unobtrusive look, so folks will be inclined to keep it out on the counter and within arm's length in an emergency. At 4.5 pounds and 16 inches high, it's lightweight, easy to handle and simple to use: Just pull the pin, aim and squeeze.


The HomeHero website is chock full of all the detail you might require.

Nice review in Popular Mechanics.

The best part: it appears TechnoDolt™-friendly.

Sold exclusively at Home Depot where it's $25, but no luck on the Home Depot website.

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On throwing the dice as an operating system for life


The major part of our research effort here at bookofjoe revolves around the question of free will.

Does it exist?

Or are we simply players in a MMORPG, scurrying about here and there in our so-called lives, inventing purpose where none need apply?

From where I walk atop my treadmill it's a tossup.

So this morning's brainstorm is highly appropriate, to wit: I found some dice and will occasionally throw one from now on whenever there's a question whose answer can be any number from one to six.

How many Sunkist Fruit Gems should I put in my pocket before settling in for a good read?

How many Spicy Thai Kettle Chips should I eat?

You can see the possibilities.

All six of them.

I mean, there's no way — is there? — that whoever's running my avatar could control the outcome of a throw of one of my dice.





And yes, I realize that John Cage has been here and done that, in his own inimitable way.

But I don't believe his purpose was quite the same as mine.

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Chopsticks Travel Set


Nicely done.


From the website:

Browpencil Style Stainless Steel Travel Chopsticks Set

Individual chopstick dimensions (functional configuration): 9.06" x 0.25" x 0.25"


Weight: 1.41 oz


Pretty amazing for $2.51.

[via Ray Earhart]

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