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November 24, 2007

BehindTheMedspeak: The myth of a 'light general'


From time to time a well-meaning surgeon will ask me to give a patient a "light general" anesthetic.

More often than not the patient is very sick and in bad shape.

Less frequently the individual is healthy, scheduled for a "minor" surgical procedure such as a carpal tunnel release.

In either instance the idea is that I should somehow knock the patient out but in a less intense way than usual.

Hey, if I could figure out how to do that I'd give everyone a "light general."

There are no "light generals."

Unconscious is unconscious.

Now, there is a huge difference between how long it will take someone to wake up depending on the drugs and doses they receive.

But a general is a general.

And similarly, the risk from a "light general" is identical to that with any general anesthetic.

All of the agents we use for anesthesia affect breathing and circulation.

That's no surprise because they act on the brain — more specifically the brainstem, or medulla, where neurons controlling respiration and circulation reside.

Once conscious airway control is lost, the anesthesiologist is the manager of what Dr. Ronald Katz, my chairman at UCLA when I was a resident, called "controlled poisoning."

Because anesthetic drugs are reversible poisons: if given in sufficient amounts, they will kill a person.

Once an individual loses voluntary control of their airway, the difference between uneventful recovery and the alternative becomes management of same by the anesthesiologist.

So while I might respond, "Sure, I'll give a light general," I know and now you do too that there's no such thing.

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Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer — Episode 2: It Works


From time to time I actually buy and use stuff I feature here.

If it's any good I follow up the original post with a real review as opposed to some company's chatter.

Guess what?

We have a winner, namely, Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer.

Here's Episode 1 from June 21, 2007:

    Kilz Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer


    If your house or apartment is more than five minutes old, you've got a stain on your ceiling — maybe more than one.

    Sure, you could buy special paint and a brush and make a big mess and not solve the problem — but you (and I, let's not be cute here) don't because we know it's just a big pain in the butt that probably won't make the stain disappear.

    So why not try this clever alternative?

    I am.

    Faster, cheaper, easier and a lot more in control.

    From websites:

    Kilz Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer

    Original formula Kilz primer/sealer for sealing, blocking, and covering stains

    Uniquely packaged with a vertical spray tip designed primarily for use on acoustical ceilings.

    The slightly tinted spray matches most aged ceilings for quick and easy coverage.

    Designed to block water and cover and seal smoke and grease stains.

    Can be topcoated after only 15 minutes of drying time.

    Just aim Up Shot Stain Sealer at the ceiling and spray.

    It has never been easier to cover ugly ceiling stains.

    May be used on any overhead surface.

    10 oz. aerosol.


I used it on a bathroom ceiling above a shower stall that had mildew on it that I simply couldn't scrub away; an upstairs hallway corner that about once a year gets water-stained after a heavy rain; and a downstairs ceiling that shows the effects of an occasional bathtub overflow above (don't ask).

All three areas were miraculously better after a spritz with Up Shot.

A second application the next day made it so you couldn't tell there was anything wrong before (except for the bathroom, which required a third application).

Highly recommended.


$5.61 at Amazon.

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Center For Internet Addiction Recovery


No need to travel to South Korea.

First, take the test in the privacy of your own home, office, or cubicle — perhaps you don't even have a problem.

And even if you do, well, there's always denial.


But if you decide there is an issue, well, The Center For Internet Addiction Recovery has a new "Recovery Blog" which just might help get you straightened out.

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Über Macho Chest Rug


From websites:

Über Macho Chest Rug

Nothing turns chicks on more than a man with some hair on his chest.

There is nothing like a little hair poking out of a buttondown shirt and some cheap cologne applied waaaay too heavily to make a girl weak in the knees.

But why should men with naturally hairy chests have the advantage and reap all the benefits?


It's not your fault you were born without the ability to grow a manly patch of chest hair.

Now you too can be the macho man you always dreamed of with this synthetic chest hair.

Simple apply to chest with the three adhesive strips on its back and watch the ladies go crazy.

Dial up the manly factor with this suave chest hair piece that'll make the ladies look twice!

Chest patch is about 10" x 8" of pure man.



$7.95 (one size fits all).

Gold necklace accessory strongly recommended.

In fact, I'm amazed they're not offering a package deal.

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Kazuhiko Kawahara is Palla


"In 2002, Palla began digitally manipulating urban snapshots and posting them on his blog, Pallalink.net," wrote Asami Novak in a story in the current (December, 2007) issue of Wired magazine.


"In January, a selection of his pieces will be on display at the main library of Nara, Japan. Some dizziness may occur."


Above and below,


examples of his work.

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2008 Calendar Pen


Kind of cool, actually.

Perfect for daydreaming.

From the website:

    2008 Calendar Pen

    Have the date at your fingertips!

    These colorful plastic 2008 calendar pens have a 12-month calendar printed on them!

    Remember important dates and appointments without having to flip through pages!



12 for $3.95 (33¢ apiece).

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Ravelry.com — 'If you're fiber-obsessed, we want you in'


That's what it's all about.

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What are they?


Answer here this time tomorrow.

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