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November 9, 2007

Cody Willard sails too close to the wind

Willard (above), grand panjandrum of CL Willard Capital Management LLC, has been the "Inside Curve" columnist for the Financial Times (FT) for a while now — but not any more.

In his swan song of last Friday, November 2, 2007, he wrote that "I'm out of the business of running other people's money.... But since this column is all about money management insight and since I'm not managing money now, this is my last Inside Curve column."


Just last week I wrote Michael Skapinker at the FT, wondering how it was that I'd just seen Willard on the new daily 5 p.m. show "Happy Hour," which he co-anchors with Rebecca Gomez on the Fox Business Network.

I mean, Rupert Murdoch has stated that not only does he aim to eclipse the New York Times with the Wall Street Journal, but also to bury the Financial Times.

Skapinker responded that fortunately, it wasn't his problem.


Hot potato, that.

But I guess Mrs. Scardino, the empress of Pearson, had the same thought I did.

At any event, Willard is history at the FT.

That's what happens when you get big.

Real big.

As William Burroughs observed, "there are no coincidences."

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