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November 26, 2007

DesignMyRoom.com — Digital Dollhouse


David Baker wrote about this website in this past weekend's Financial Times (FT), as follows.

    Play Rooms

    For a playful and inspiring way into interior design, take a look at DesignMyRoom.com. Choose your room shape and furnish it from a palette of wall coverings, carpets, lamps, furniture, appliances and objects. Everything appears in 3D and full colour, so there is no trying to work out how your two-dimensional plan will look in reality. You can endlessly rearrange items and create joint projects with other people across the internet. This being a U.S.-based site, all items are for sale and at the end you get a handy shopping list with prices and suppliers' contacts. You can see other people's creations but may opt to keep your projects private so the world doesn't discover your uncontrollable love of hessian wallpaper.


"This being a U.S.-based site, all items are for sale...."

What does that mean?

That if the site were, say, U.K.- or France-based, things wouldn't be for sale?

Is that better, to have the capability of creating just the look you want, then be consigned to saving it as an online daydream?

I think not.

To me, things should always be easy and connected, so the website's example should serve as a model for others which show but don't, in the end, tell.

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Very interesting. UK based Mydeco, has a similar set up if I am not mistaken. There is a new US startup that has just started BETA testing, and I can say that I am very excited to be a part of it.

Style Estate lets you upload real pics of your home and garden. The system is very similar to ratemyspace.hgtv.com. The difference is what you can do with the spaces you create. You can go to any store around the net and "grab" products, and attach them to your space. The thumb of the product will show up next to the picture that you upload and will link to a product info page where you can see all other spaces that have used that same product. There will also be a link back to the store shall you decide to buy it.

Additionally, users will be able to monetize their own spaces with Google Adwords and some other concepts that we are currently thinking about. This will give people a reason to be competitive for the highest rank. There is a points system that rewards beautiful spaces, product recommendations, stylezine posts, and other various tasks. We have bootstrapped the whole thing so success will depend upon any traction I can get through social media connections.

Posted by: Ryan | Dec 18, 2008 2:29:09 PM

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