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November 19, 2007

Dough-Nu-Matic Speed Doughnut Maker


From the website:


    Serve up piping-hot doughnuts in less than a minute

    The Dough-Nu-Matic automatically forms, fries and drains delectable mini-doughnuts in just 50 seconds!

    Great for large parties and fundraisers, this machine makes easy-to-sell treats for pennies apiece.

    Just add dough and the Dough-Nu-Matic does the rest.

    Enclosed oil fryer keeps cleanup to a minimum.

    Makes a dozen doughnuts in under six minutes.

    Dials adjust cooking temperature.

    14"H x 22.8"W x 6.9"D.



[via decomodo.com]

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How are you?

Re: Dough-Nu-Matic Speed Doughnut Maker
pls let me know your best quotation!
or Could you inform to me your factory details?
we are looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

Posted by: k.h.Back | Jun 12, 2008 5:47:35 AM

I'd highly recommend a quick read of boingboing's post about this machine... slightly vulgar, yet very funny:


Posted by: johnjohn | Nov 19, 2007 10:39:38 PM

Immediately got the twitches, remembering the Homer Price children's book about a very similar donut machine that went on the rampage...

Posted by: gkoutnik | Nov 19, 2007 4:40:30 PM

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