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November 9, 2007

IKEA 365+ Bread Knife = Knufe Daddy


Jeremy, majordomo and grand panjandrum of softlord.com, pointed me to the IKEA iteration (above) in a comment this morning, writing, "Kinda like IKEA's bread knife, which has been around for several years."

To which I wrote back, "Kinda? How do you spell 'rip-off?'"

IKEA's was designed by D. Crafoord and U. Vejbrink.

From the IKEA website:

    IKEA 365+ Bread Knife

    • Serrated edge for easy cutting of bread and soft vegetables such as tomatoes

    • Materials in the handle provide a firm grip

    • Provides support for your hand and wrist

    • Ergonomic design

    • 10" (25 cm) long


The choice is yours: $50 for a Knufe (below)


v $6.99 for IKEA's.

Stop Press — This just in from Jeremy at 12:27 p.m. today:

"For the record, I have the IKEA version and it's very unwieldy, making it hard to get a grip on bread. Turns out having the knife handle and blade parallel actually helps provide the correct angle and force for slicing."

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