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November 16, 2007

Throwback Retro Two-Timer Clock


You're big on multitasking so why wouldn't you be up for this puppy?

From the website:

    Two-Timer Clock — Clock And Timer In One

    With its big, black numbers on a white background, this retro timekeeper is easy to read with a quick glance.

    The clock in the center runs on batteries, so it ticks away day after day without winding.

    No fussing with tiny buttons to set the timer — just twist and it starts the countdown.

    Just wind this mechanical timer and the countdown to cookies... or dinner... begins.

    Luminescent hands and numbers make the clock easier to read.

    You don’t need a separate clock and timer — this one is both.

    Easy to set and easy to see across the kitchen.

    6" diameter.


Sing to the tune of "Normal American Boy" from "Bye Bye Birdie":

We love you analog,
Oh yes we do.
We love you analog,
Digital we rue.

Oh, well — it seemed funny at the time.


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