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November 16, 2007

Tiffany Brand Extension — Korean Air?

Watch the commercial above (screen grabs below), which I saw last night for the first time with the sound off and thought for sure — until the final 10 seconds — was for Tiffany.


Very, very clever use of "Tiffany Blue" — especially the perfume bottle, a nice cross-reference to Tiffany's signature scent.


And there's not a thing Tiffany can do about it.


Is there?

The YouTube video caption: "The new worldwide advertising campaign for Korean Air. The director is Michael Buckley, well-known for his award winning M5 ad."

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Korean Air has had that color in use for quite some time. You can't help but stare at their flight attendants in the airport because they wear cute, light blue suits. They've had them for years. I'm not sure it's a Tiffany thing.

Posted by: Jeannine | Nov 16, 2007 3:32:33 PM

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