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November 24, 2007

Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer — Episode 2: It Works


From time to time I actually buy and use stuff I feature here.

If it's any good I follow up the original post with a real review as opposed to some company's chatter.

Guess what?

We have a winner, namely, Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer.

Here's Episode 1 from June 21, 2007:

    Kilz Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer


    If your house or apartment is more than five minutes old, you've got a stain on your ceiling — maybe more than one.

    Sure, you could buy special paint and a brush and make a big mess and not solve the problem — but you (and I, let's not be cute here) don't because we know it's just a big pain in the butt that probably won't make the stain disappear.

    So why not try this clever alternative?

    I am.

    Faster, cheaper, easier and a lot more in control.

    From websites:

    Kilz Up Shot Overhead Stain Sealer

    Original formula Kilz primer/sealer for sealing, blocking, and covering stains

    Uniquely packaged with a vertical spray tip designed primarily for use on acoustical ceilings.

    The slightly tinted spray matches most aged ceilings for quick and easy coverage.

    Designed to block water and cover and seal smoke and grease stains.

    Can be topcoated after only 15 minutes of drying time.

    Just aim Up Shot Stain Sealer at the ceiling and spray.

    It has never been easier to cover ugly ceiling stains.

    May be used on any overhead surface.

    10 oz. aerosol.


I used it on a bathroom ceiling above a shower stall that had mildew on it that I simply couldn't scrub away; an upstairs hallway corner that about once a year gets water-stained after a heavy rain; and a downstairs ceiling that shows the effects of an occasional bathtub overflow above (don't ask).

All three areas were miraculously better after a spritz with Up Shot.

A second application the next day made it so you couldn't tell there was anything wrong before (except for the bathroom, which required a third application).

Highly recommended.


$5.61 at Amazon.

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Did you try bleach on the mildew?

It always works for me; I just wipe the mildew down with bleach and wait several minutes. The bleach kills the mildew, so it turns white. I don’t bother making a bleach/water solution; I use straight bleach. If you do not kill it, it always seems to come back; covering it without killing it usually means it will re-appear.

Posted by: terrence | Nov 24, 2007 8:14:45 PM

"Occasional bathtub overflow"? I love "don't ask"s.
There's always an answer that's interesting/terrifying/humorous/grotesque (separately or in any combination).

I won't ask. But the imagination, it runs rampant!

Posted by: Flautist | Nov 24, 2007 7:44:05 PM

"Uniquely packaged with a vertical spray tip"

Yes, it works better than a regular (horizontal tip) spray can which won't really spray ceiling spots well; you have to keep shaking a regular can and inverting it then it craps out and it takes forever.

Posted by: teg | Nov 24, 2007 3:16:05 PM

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